Mathematics, B.S. - Applied

In general, the Mathematics Department seeks to expose all students to the joy of doing mathematics and to broaden their view of the numerous uses and societal importance of mathematics.

Our Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics provides preparation in the classical applied subjects such as differential equations and math modeling. It is the perfect choice for students interested in the mathematics behind fields such as engineering, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and a host of other sciences. A Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is excellent preparation for beginning a career in a wide range of industries including materials science, computer animation, and epidemiology; statistics, meteorology, and engineering; cryptography, logistics, and fraud investigation.

Along the way we will provide bountiful opportunity for you to explore your individual interests. We will offer independent study, special topics courses, internships, and thesis guidance as avenues for intellectual growth. Further engagement is provided through a vibrant community of math enthusiasts participating in one or more of the many group activities sponsored by the Mathematics Department. Join us for our biweekly math club meetings or problem solving seminars. Compete on a team in math modeling, individually in the Putnam Exam or regional competitions. Attend or even present at local and national math conferences.

Whether you get involved in the many extra-curricular activities or not, the B.S. program in applied mathematics is a great place to indulge your interest in mathematics and begin your pathway to a rewarding career.