Minor in Forensic Science

This interdisciplinary minor provides an introduction to the field of forensic science and is meant to present a broad, integrated view of its various sub-disciplines. The forensic science minor addresses topics such as crime scene documentation and reconstruction, criminalistics, and DNA analysis. The minor is composed of courses in anthropology, biology, chemistry, psychology, and sociology, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of forensic science. Students benefit from this interdisciplinary approach and draw connections among the diverse course offerings to gain a comprehensive introduction to the forensic sciences.

This interdisciplinary minor helps students prepare themselves for careers in criminal justice, law, government, and academia, among other areas. Students considering the forensic science minor should consult with the minor coordinator and complete a declaration form. The minor is jointly sponsored by the Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Sociology Departments.

Field Experiences

The Anthropology Department offers field experiences in all sub-disciplines in anthropology (archaeology, biological, cultural, & linguistics).  Students may choose to work in the U.S. (locally or nationally) or, internationally in the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru and Western Europe.