Philosophy, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts degree, the major in philosophy includes courses in the history of philosophy, logic, recent or contemporary philosophy

The student's major may embody one of several possibilities; for example, a historical emphasis, an applied philosophy focus, a problems approach. Fulfilling whatever pattern a student selects will be under the guidance of a departmental adviser.

If prerequisites are lacking, permission to take a course may be requested of the department. Study of special topics related to the chosen pattern of courses or topics of interest not covered by course offerings may be accomplished by means of independent study (PHI 499).

Students may not count more than 6 credits toward the philosophy major from among the following courses: PHI 207, 208, 301, 302, 303, and 403. Students are strongly advised to complete a year of European history early in their program. For those contemplating graduate study in philosophy, a second foreign language is recommended.