Psychology, B.S.

Psychology is the study of the mind, the brain, and behavior, which covers a wide range of topics, such as understanding different forms of mental illness, how we learn and think, how
we interact with others, and how our nervous system works. Psychology is a research-based field and we emphasize the scientific method in our classes, and the field also covers how psychological knowledge can beapplied - such as treating disorders, providing counseling, enhancing employee health, assessing cognitive skills, and improving educational techniques.

The B.S. in Psychology is specifically geared towards students with interests in 1) pursuing research in psychology and behavioral neuroscience, in 2) assessment and testing methods, and in 3) the applications of psychology to the workplace and public policy. The program has a focus on upper-level seminars, with choices that can be tailored to the student’s specific interests, and includes courses taken outside of the major to complement the psychology coursework. The capstone of the program is a semester-long research field practicum in the senior year, in which students gain hands-on experience in a research setting.

Students in the BS program can choose courses to follow specific tracks of study:

1. Behavioral Neuroscience (BNS)

  • For students interested in the biological basis of behavior
  • Preparation for graduate training/careers in STEM fields such as neuroscience, biotechnology, or medicine.

2. Cognitive Science (CogSci)

  • For students interested in topics such as language, reading, attention, neuropsychology, and cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • Preparation for graduate training or careers in research psychology, technology, and communication disorders.

3. Applied Psychology & Assessment (AP&A)

  • For students interested in psychological testing and other professional applications of psychology. Course selection can be tailored to your specific interest
  • Preparation for graduate training or careers in: School Psychology, Assessment & Quantitative Psychology, Industrial/Organizational & Human Factors Psychology, Health Psychology, and Public Policy

The B.S. in Psychology is an excellent option for students who want to:

  • Increase their competitiveness for masters and Ph.D. programs in research and applied
  • Psychology Apply to medical school
  • Work in a research laboratory
  • Work for a biotechnology company
  • Pursue a career in Testing and Assessment, including School Psychology

The Psychology department also has an accelerated B.S. – M.A. and B.A. General – M.A. program (M.A. in 5 years). If you want to enter the Accelerated MA program (BA/MA or BS/MA), you will need to fill out an additional Accelerated Track BS to MA Agreement Form on the Acceptance into the Psychology Major page, and then meet with Dr. Patricia Kahlbaugh,, before submitting your application.