Psychology, M.A.

The Master of Arts in Psychology is a 30-credit program that provides students with advanced coursework in psychological research, theories, and methods. It is designed for students with an undergraduate degree or extensive undergraduate coursework in Psychology, and the program is flexible in order to meet a variety of interests and career options. In addition to classroom coursework, which is all taught in a seminar format, the program offers several direct training opportunities. These include laboratory research and Masters thesis projects, training in testing and assessment, research field practicum experiences, and clinical field practicum experiences. The program is ideal for students who:

  • Plan to apply to Ph.D. programs in Psychology or Psy.D. programs, and need additional research experience to increase their competitiveness
  • Plan to work in a research setting
  • Individuals who plan to pursue a career in a psychology-related field, and want to expand their knowledge and skills in psychology
  • Professionals who seek to update their credentials in employment settings related to psychology
  • Teachers in secondary school who want to acquire knowledge and skills for teaching psychology in addition to their current certification

Students can follow a thesis track, which includes an empirical Masters thesis project, or an exam track, which includes coursework and a comprehensive exam.

The program is flexible enough to be completed either on a full-time or a part- time basis. We offer opportunities for graduate assistantships and research assistantships, which are competitive. While this program is not a clinical or counseling training program and does not lead to licensure, some courses are relevant to clinical psychology. Emphasis is placed on faculty advisement to help tailor the program to the needs of the individual student.