Public Health, B.S.

In the Public Health major, students graduate knowing how to promote, maintain and enhance the public's health. In today's complex world, the field of public health is becoming an increasingly vital part of our daily lives. It's a field in which professionals can make a difference, whether they're researching and tracking the spread of disease, running awareness campaigns in community agencies, advising corporations on health programs, or maintaining a safe environment.

In the undergraduate students study an array of public health topics with emphases on health promotion, environmental health and epidemiology – the science of public health. The program at Southern is intensively hands- on, with many class activities centering on community-service and a culminating internship where students get real world experience working with a public health or community agency.

Southern's public health graduates are leaders in Connecticut’s state and local health department, as well as community-based agencies, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and nonprofit agencies. Our graduates work to eliminate health inequities, organize community responses to health problems, address the AIDS epidemic; promote a healthy environment, design public health policies and interventions, and lead international health relief efforts.