School Psychology, Sixth Year Certificate

Certification as a School Psychologist requires both the Masters and the Sixth Year professional diploma, which is offered through the School Psychology program.

Graduate students prepare to work as school psychologists using their knowledge, insight, and skills to promote educational success and to improve the institutions and programs in which they are involved.

As a NASP-approved program, student preparation includes training across all NASP Standards. Preparation includes training in psychological and psychoeducational evaluations, written and oral communication of  assessment results, developing individual educational and behavioral interventions, making recommendations for remedial action, participation in regular and special education programs, consultation, individual counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, program evaluation, research and other related activities. 

Successful completion of the degree program prepares students for eligibility for state certification as a school psychologist as well as national certification (N.C.S.P.). The Sixth Year Professional Diploma (a Specialist level credential) follows the Master’s program and includes one year of full-time coursework followed by a year-long internship. Graduates of the program will be prepared for employment as school psychologists in public schools or other related organizations and agencies.

The Master’s Program is designed to be accessible to working students and classes will generally be offered on nights and/or weekends. Some classes will also contain web-based components of training.