Social Work, B.S.

The undergraduate bachelor's in social work degree prepares students for entry-level professional social work positions and for advancement to graduate social work education. The social work faculty, with extensive experience in clinical and policy practice, is committed to providing a rigorous yet supportive learning environment with small classes and collaborative research opportunities. Students enjoy a wealth of field practice opportunities in the City of New Haven and throughout Connecticut.


BSW Application

Department Mission & Core Values

The mission of the SCSU Department of Social Work is to promote the personal and social development of people in their communities based on the values of social, economic, and environmental justice; civil and human rights; democracy; and full access to educational, social, economic, and political participation.

The Social Work Department educates students to become competent and compassionate agents of change who, guided by professional knowledge, skills, and values, are prepared to practice ethically with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities; to translate research into practice; and to provide leadership in the profession and in their communities.

The Social Work Department promotes social welfare by collaborating with students, social service providers and users, and communities in building an inclusive and just society where individuals, families, and communities thrive.

The Core Values of the SCSU Department of Social Work include:

  1. Cultural humility, perspective-taking, and respect
  2. Integrity and ethical practice
  3. Compassion and courage
  4. Genuine, caring relationships
  5. Educational access
  6. Active learning, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity
  7. Human rights, particularly self-determination, dignity and self-worth
  8. Social, economic, and environmental justice
  9. Personal and social development of people in community
  10. Participatory democracy and shared governance