Who Are “We?”

We are a group of staff, faculty, and administrators who consistently show up as being deeply committed to equity and antiracist work on our campus. We are primarily focused simultaneously on individual and collective change and building our capacity for identifying and challenging white supremacy and systemic oppression in our higher education institution.

The Racial and Intersectional Justice Group (RIJG) originally emerged out of a group of faculty, staff, and administrators who participated in Undoing Racism trainings. Members of this group have led faculty development workshops, grant development, and faculty reading groups on issues related to social justice pedagogy. Recently, members of the group created a Racial and Intersectional Justice Engagement Framework, and planned work includes:

  1. Anti-Racist Curriculum, Pedagogy, SJD - will focus more specifically on faculty and administrators to implement the Social Justice Designation as well as encourage faculty to revise existing courses to be more inclusive of Black and Brown voices and move toward anti-racist teaching practices.
  2. The Awareness Training Team - will focus on educating faculty, staff, and administrators about how racism shows up in their classes, their curriculum, and on campus. This team will work to provide teach-ins for those in our campus community as well as work to raise awareness about RIJG and what we do. This team will provide faculty with resources to work toward creating anti-racist classrooms and implement the anti-racist teaching practices they may learn about from the work of the curriculum group.


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