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Welcome to our English Learner Curriculum Library! Our Training for All Teachers Program maintains this online curriculum library of more than 300 teacher-modified curriculum units across all subjects for English learners in grades K-12, as well as adult ESL. The library is searchable by grade and by subject (science, math, history/social studies, language arts, etc.). Each unit (PDF) contains the following information: author, date, unit title, lesson overview, content and language objectives for three levels of English language proficiency, and lesson content.

Graduate students in SCSUs TESOL and Bilingual Education Program, largely comprised of local, in-service educators, have successfully modified these curriculum units for English learners. Teachers selected curriculum units originally designed for mainstream, native English speakers and, through a myriad of sheltered instructional strategies, have made them accessible to English learners at various stages of English proficiency. In modifying their curriculum units, teachers have employed sheltered strategies to engage English learners in two ways: 1) by making the lesson content comprehensible, and 2) by creating multiple opportunities for interaction within each lesson. Each curriculum unit, usually made up of three lessons, contains both the original and the modified lessons along with supplemental material(s).

While we have chosen to publish the ‘best’ of the teacher-made curriculum units on our web site, we acknowledge each is unique in what it offers both teacher and students. The units have been collected over the past ten years and although most pre-date the Common Core standards, they are incredibly useful as they delve deep into rich content while simultaneously developing academic language required to meet state standards. We invite you to download the units to use in your classrooms as you work with English learners. We ask that you credit the authors’ work and creations as you deliver and disseminate these materials.

Curriculum Units

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