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Richard Volkman is a professor of philosophy at Southern Connecticut State University and associate director of the Research Center on Computing and Society.

In 1998, Dr. Volkman completed his dissertation, Why be Moral? The Ethical Individualist Response to Alienation from Morality, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In that work, he defends the claim that an individual's pursuit of the good life is a sufficient mechanism for generating moral duties. Dr. Volkman's interests in information technology stem from his desire to understand how and to what extent the Internet and other information technologies impact our ability to make judgment about the good life. He is gradually coming to believe that the good life has more to do with playing the fiddle than other philosophers have suspected.

Dr. Volkman's interests extend beyond the philosophical analysis of technology, into the medium's actual use both in the undergraduate curriculum and in research. He has authored and produced a multimedia CD-ROM on the ethics of abortion as a supplement to his usual text. He is also working on a series of computer animations to illustrate complex philosophical ideas and visions of the universe. Subjects include: "Determinism," "Form and Matter," "The Will to Power," and " Mind and Technology."

Office: EN D219
Phone: (203) 392-6780