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Dual Master's Degrees in Social Work & Women's Studies


This dual degree program option will prepare students for a licensed social work practitioner career with a specialized knowledge of the population of women. The MSW/WMS program will offer students tools and training in feminist epistemologies, sensitizing students to the unique challenges and obstacles women face.

The dual degree program will offer Women's Studies students the ability to use their specialized knowledge coupled with clinical skills developed in the MSW program to address a range of concerns specific to women from political action to individualized treatment. MSW students will become grounded in theoretical and practical concerns that affect women from a broad perspective, sensitizing them to the unique challenges as well as structural limitations (within family, community, and society) that circumvent women's ability to fully participate in society.

Both programs, while focusing on human interaction and human needs, together will strengthen students' abilities to perceive the problems women face and be sanctioned by society to intervene on an individual, community, or societal level. Candidates in this special program will be prepared to enter the social work profession with a MSW and understanding/knowledge of feminist theories and practices that complement and enhance social work practice. Further, the courses can enhance master-of-arts candidates who wish to pursue other feminist-oriented professional careers, by developing a set of unique (social work) theories and skills to bring to the fields of women's studies, human behavior, and service.


There will be no modifications to the curriculum, admissions, or graduation requirements/mode of delivery. The MSW curriculum consists of 60 credits, and the MA in Women's Studies curriculum consists of 33-36 credits (depending on whether a thesis, special project, or comprehensive capstone option is chosen). Students will be able to obtain the Masters of Social Work Degree and Masters of Arts in Women's Studies for 75 credits instead of 93 credits by taking dual listed courses that are already available in each program.



Core (Social Work)                                                                                           27.0 cr.

Dual Courses                                                                                                            24.0 cr.
SWK 551 - Diversity, Oppression and Social Functioning/WMS529 - Race, Class, Gender
SWK 561 - Social Work Research Methods/WMS510 - Research Methods in Women's Studies
SWK 570 - Generalist Social Work Field Practicum I & 571 - Generalist Social Work Field Practicum II
WMS 601 - Field Experience I & 602 Field Experience II
SWK 572 - Practicum III & 573 - Practicum III and Thesis Proposal
WMS 592 -  Special Project Seminar I & 593 - Special Project Seminar II

Concentration (Women’s Studies)                                                              9.0 cr.
WMS 500 - Feminist Theories and Practices
WMS 520 - History of Feminist Thought
WMS 530 - Global Women's Issues

Concentration (Women’s Studies, three from below)                          9.0 cr.
SWK/WMS 554 - Violence in the Family; Interventive Strategies
SWK/WMS 555 - Sexual Minorities: A Social Work Response
WMS 560 - Seminar in the Psychology of Women
WMS 504 - Gender in the Law
WMS 505 - Women, Heal Thyself: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Women's Health Issues
WMS 515 - Sociology of Gender

Concentration (Social Work, two from below)                                          6.0 cr.
SWK 523 - Theory and Practice I - Individuals
SWK 545 - Advanced Clinical Practice with Families
SWK 556 - Advanced Clinical Practice in Mental Health and Substance 
SWK 568 -Addictive Behaviors: Intervention Strategies for Clinical Practice
SWK 540 - Advanced Clinical Practice with Elders

Total                                                                                                                                75cr.

Contact information

Please do not hesitate to call or email the Women's Studies or Social Work offices if you have any questions about the MSW/WMS program.

Women's Studies Office

 Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, Department Chairperson

Phone: (203) 392-6133

Social Work Office

Dr. Todd Rofuth, Department Chairperson

Phone: (203) 392-6573

School of Graduate Studies

For specific information regarding the graduate
admission process, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.

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