Women's and Gender Studies Programs

The dual degree program in the Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in Women’s Studies (MSW/MA) allows students to prepare for clinical social work practice while exploring and applying research and theory in women’s and gender studies. Academic coursework, field practice experiences, and mentoring relationships afford interdisciplinary opportunities for integrating methods of scholarly inquiry, critical problem solving, and leadership development.

Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, consisting of courses taught in various departments throughout SCSU. A course identified as Women's Studies focuses on the study of gender roles, the social construction of gender, women's issues, achievements and/or women's place in societies both past and present.

Women's Studies, in all of its diversity, has a goal of a world free of not only sexism, but also of racism, class bias, ageism, and heterosexual bias — in other words, a world free of all the ideologies and institutions that have consciously or unconsciously oppressed and exploited some for the advantage of others.

In general, a Women's Studies minor will provide you with:

  • A solid understanding of women's experiences
  • Insight of gender issues that can enhance both personal & professional relationships
  • Awareness of social & cultural issues
  • Universal & inclusive knowledge of the world
  • Critical thinking skills

As with any minor, what the Women's Studies Program can do for you depends largely on how you use it. Because the Women's Studies Program is interdisciplinary, it provides you with a wide range of course content, contributing significantly to your credibility and knowledge base. The specific aim of the Women's Studies Program is to better prepare students for careers in academia, law, government, journalism, social work, the arts, librarianship, education, business, or other areas where we deal directly or indirectly with women's concerns or needs or where we engage in other occupations concerned with gender issues.