Adapted Sports Clinic

This program will support children and teens who have developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ADHD. 

Each week, participants will be introduced to sports working on drills and skills, physical strength, coordination, endurance, game play, social emotional, teambuilding, and cooperative skills.

Ages 8-12:
Volleyball, Scandinavian kickball, soccer, track & field. 

Ages 13-16:
Soccer, volleyball, Berber baseball, track and field, and ultimate frisbee. 


Ages: 8-12 

Sundays - 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm: 

  • April 7th
  • April 14th
  • April 21st
  • April 28th 

Ages: 13-16

Sundays - 2pm to 3pm

  • March 24th
  • April 7th
  • April 14th
  • April 21st
  • April 28th.


Lorre Snyder
Lorre is currently working towards her Masters degree in Therapeutic Recreation at SCSU. Loree brings 40 years as a physical education teacher, coach for division 3 basketball, volleyball, and overall working with children and teens with all abilities. 

Registration and Payment

Fee: $75.00 per child



493 Fitch Street, New Haven, CT.  Free, accessible, and adjacent to the building.  Please use the HHS Clinic Spots in the outside lot or on the ground floor of the garage. 

Directions and Parking


Terri Larson MS, CTRS at
Patricia Paugas, MBA, CTRS at