Southern’s Certificate in Data Science, designed for business and industry professionals interested in data-driven decision-making, provides students with backgrounds from a variety of fields with the practical training to implement solutions to big data questions.

Daily creation and consumption of data are increasing at a staggering rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 19 percent increase in the total number of data science positions by 2026, with an average salary of more than $100,000.

The online Certificate in Data Science introduces students to Basic Python programming concepts, Python libraries, and basic statistical and mathematical principles, as well as machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis. Course content is ideal for finance, health care, insurance, banking, scientific research, and/or pharmaceuticals professionals interested in enhancing their credentials with valuable data skills. 

Topics Covered

  • Statistical and machine-learning models. 
  • The application of data science to the analysis of real-world data sets and solutions to data-driven questions. 
  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • Analytical skills taught with current industry-standard tools. 
  • Ability to interpret results in the context of the problem and communicate to non-scientists using language they can understand. 
  • Communication of results to compel change and influence thinking. 

Program Features

  • 4 x 8-week course sequences completed over one academic year 
  • Mix of asynchronous content and online, synchronous lectures led by experts in data science, computer science, mathematics, and statistics 
  • Compatible with a full-time job 
  • Opportunity to build a portfolio of work based on case studies and projects which can be used to demonstrate skills to potential employers 
  • The certificate can be completed in one academic year

Program Requirements

Visit the graduate catalog for program requirements and further information.


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