Sponsored Programs and Research

Our Mission

To grow, manage, and protect the SCSU sponsored programs profile and research enterprise.

Our Vision

From idea to archive, SPAR provides comprehensive support to the SCSU community across the complete life cycle of grants, contracts and sponsored projects funded by external sources.


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What is a Sponsored Project?

A sponsored project is defined as an activity that is supported by an external entity for research, outreach programs, training, workshops or services with one or more of the following attributes:

  • The funding comes from a government source (federal, state, local or foreign), a foundation or a private business entity (for profit or not-for-profit) in the form of a contract or grant agreement.
  • The sponsored project includes a scope of work or a set of specific aims to be completed during the period of performance, periodic and/or final technical or financial reports, funding restrictions or a requirement to return unspent funds to a sponsor, and/or deliverables as a condition of payment
  • The funding agreement includes terms and conditions related to publication of results, audit requirements and retention of records, intellectual property, equipment ownership, insurance/indemnification or warranty
  • The sponsored project includes the use of or may be subject to research compliance requirements in Human Subjects, Vertebrate Animals, Biohazards, or Export Controls