About The Institute for Adapted Sports and Recreation


To be the regional leader in educating, facilitating, promoting, and evaluating adapted sport and inclusive recreation opportunities for persons with disabilities.


Our mission is to continuously strive to improve services and increase opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in and experience adapted sport and inclusive recreation activities. We will implement this through the discovery of new knowledge by engaging in research and creative activities; providing relevant educational opportunities via traditional and non-traditional platforms and experiences; providing and facilitating opportunities (competitive sports, club sports, intramurals, and recreational sports); and advocating for increased opportunities within the least restrictive environment.


  1. To engage in research to disseminate best practices in adapted sports and inclusive recreation through publications, trainings, and workshops.
  2. To provide programmatic opportunities (competitive through recreational sport).
  3. To collaborate with regional, state, and local adapted sports organizations and recreation agencies to provide greater awareness of resources, and to promote opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  4. To advocate for increased opportunities, and support legislation that promotes sport and recreation participation for individuals with disabilities.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to assess, plan, and facilitate adapted sports and recreation therapy programs.