Chemistry, B.S. - Biochemistry

The B.S. in Chemistry with a Biochemistry concentration is one of the most popular options for students pursuing a degree in Chemistry. The concentration is very interdisciplinary: students are required to take  several Biology courses along with their Chemistry curriculum, allowing the student to earn a Biology minor in addition to their Chemistry major. In addition to the required biology courses, this focused concentration requires the student to take course(s) in the five sub-disciplines of chemistry: Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Physical and Biochemistry. Students also take elective courses in Drug Discovery, Pharmacology, or Medicinal Chemistry. We believe that this interdisciplinary curriculum gives this student population a focused, yet well-rounded curriculum where they take more courses directly relevant to their area of interest while establishing a solid foundation in Chemistry. The biochemistry concentration provides an excellent foundation for students wishing to attend medical, physician assistant, pharmacy, and dental programs after graduation. Students in this concentration can also pursue jobs in biotechnology and related areas. Students in this concentration can also pursue Ph.D. programs that comprise interdisciplinary research at the intersection of chemistry and biology.

List of suggested Biology electives:

  • BIO 220: Genetics

  • BIO 233: Microbiology

  • BIO 296: Genomics I

  • BIO 393: Introduction to Bioinformatics

  • BIO 396: Synthetic Biology

  • BIO 436: Molecular Biology (note: BIO 220 is a pre-req)

  • Pre-med students should consider taking BIO231: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy and BIO 401: Animal Physiology.