Chemistry, B.S. - Biochemistry M.S. Accelerated Pathway

The B.S./M.S. Biochemistry Accelerated Pathway program is designed for academically strong (must maintain a GPA of 3.0) and research-oriented students who want to get a head-start on their graduate degree while still an undergraduate. A traditional Master's program generally takes about two years to complete, while the B.S./M.S. Biochemistry Accelerated Pathway program takes only one additional year beyond the B.S. degree to complete. The admitted student proceeds with the usual requirements of a B.S. Chemistry degree with a biochemistry concentration, except that they are required to take two semesters of research courses along with two additional graduate-level Chemistry courses in their senior year. These four courses comprise 12 of the 30 required M.S. credits. The student would then take the remaining 18 Chemistry graduate credits in their 5th year (six credits of which are devoted to Master's level research involving a thesis proposal and graduate thesis), obtaining a Master's Degree in Chemistry at the end of that year.

Interested students should discuss their intent to apply to the accelerated program with the graduate coordinator in their junior year at the latest. In order to apply to the program, a student must be an SCSU chemistry major, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, and be able to identify a faculty member that is willing to supervise the student's research.

Application Process

Students interested in the Accelerated Pathway will be initially placed in the appropriate non-accelerated chemistry concentration. At the beginning of their junior year, students interested in this program should contact the chemistry graduate coordinator to discuss their interest in the accelerated program and to find a research advisor that will supervise their senior and graduate theses. Towards the end of their junior year, students interested in this program will formally apply to the accelerated program via the Selection of degree system program. Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at this point and must have a committed research advisor. Once accepted into the accelerated program, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and apply for early acceptance graduate admission no later than the spring semester of their senior year. During the graduate school application process, students will select both the graduate degree for their specified discipline and the accelerated pathway concentration. Please note that acceptance into the undergraduate Accelerated Pathway does not automatically guarantee admission to the graduate Accelerated Pathway. Students should contact their faculty advisor and the chemistry graduate coordinator regularly to ensure that they are meeting all requirements for this program. For further information contact: