Chemistry, M.S. Accelerated

The B.S. Chemistry Accelerated Pathway Program is designed for academically strong and research-oriented students who want to get a headstart on their graduate degree while still an undergraduate. A traditional Master's program takes a minimum of two years to complete, while the Accelerated B.S. Pathway Program takes only one additional year beyond the B.S. degree to complete. The admitted student proceeds with the B.S. Chemistry - General Concentration as usual, except that they are expected to take two semesters of Senior Research together with two graduate-level Chemistry courses in their senior year. These four (4) courses would comprise 12 of the 30 M.S. credits. The student would then take the remaining 18 Chemistry graduate credits in their 5th year (6 credits of which are devoted to Master's level research, proposal and thesis), obtaining a Master's Degree in Chemistry at the end of that year.