English, M.S.

As a student in the Master of Science (M.S.) in English, you’ll be a part of a graduate program defined by small, in-person seminars, one-on-one mentorship with publishing faculty, and a serious commitment to literature, ideas, and conversation. The M.S. is particularly appropriate for those who want to combine advanced training literary studies with courses in a related field – e.g., education, psychology, Women’s Studies, etc. Many secondary educators pursue the M.S. for this reason, though either master's degree is appropriate for in-service teachers. 

Rather than offer a quick or surface-level graduate certificate, at Southern, we train you to play a meaningful part in the professional and academic world of English studies. The 36-credit degree takes four semesters to complete full-time (9 credits per term), though it can be finished more quickly through a mixture of summer and winter classes, or more slowly part-time at your own pace.

Over the course of the master's degree, you will:

  • Learn advanced approaches to English research and contemporary theory through our introductory seminars (ENG 517 and ENG 508)
  • Take a wide-range of courses in American, British, and global literature, including the origins of English language and literature
  • Have the option to specialize in African-American literature (9 credits)
  • Be eligible to teach your own college-level class through one of our Graduate Teaching Assistantship 
  • Have access to funding to present your creative or scholarly work at academic conferences 
  • Show the expertise you gained from your coursework or independent research through one of two final capstones: the Master's Comprehensive Exam or Master's Thesis  
  • Discover professional opportunities through a graduate internship or apprenticeship in one of New Haven’s arts, humanities, or educational organizations (e.g., research libraries, grant-writing, etc.)  

Upon acceptance to the program, you will meet with the Graduate Coordinator to develop a planned program of study, choose classes, and strategize how to meet your academic and career goals in the above areas. See the English Graduate Admissions page for how to apply.