Minor in English - Professional Writing

Being an English minor at Southern is all about discovering your voice in the global, professional, and academic community of readers and writers, in a shorter, more concentrated course of study suitable for coupling with other majors or minors. English studies provide a pathway to careers in teaching, law, publishing, professional writing, management, advertising, web design, and many other fields. Employers have increasingly cited a strong background in literature, writing, and the humanities as a valued commodity in the professions. An English minor fosters strong writing, reading, and communication skills, as well as a deep awareness of the varieties of human motives, social interactions, and cultures.

The Professional Writing minor offers, in more concentrated form than the major, preparation for a career in writing. You will learn to design and write information that meets professional needs, from reports and proposals, to social media and user manuals. Professional writing classes will challenge you to write for both experts and public audiences. Even more important than learning what standard workplace documents look like, you will learn how to judge the informational and instructional needs of a workplace audience. You will also have opportunity to supplement your professional writing studies with additional courses in journalism and media studies, as well as internships in the field.