Business Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2006

Chicago, IL

Yolanda Burwell opened the meeting with introductions of the 20 attendees. She proceeded with discussion of last year’s meeting which was held in February 2005 in New York City.

The first order of business was the election of a new president. Yolanda is no longer a member of academe and indicated that we needed to elect a new president. After some discussion, Iris Carleton-Lemay accepted Megan Morrissey’s nomination and was voted into office as the new president. Other officers include Vice-President Robert Daugherty, Gary will remain as Treasurer and Barbra Torgusen as Secretary.

Treasurer’s report – there is approximately $3400.00 in the bank account. $100.00 will be used for administrative costs. $70.00 was raised as a result of the Social Welfare Tours offered at the 2005 APM. There is hope to have a Social Welfare History tour at the next APM in San Francisco, 2007. Volunteers are needed to organize this venture.

Jerry Marx did a fabulous job on the first Social Welfare Group Newsletter. He would like to have further submissions and possibly have a small staff so that it could be published more than once per year. There was also a suggestion that copies of the newsletter be sent to history and policy groups. Note: There is a need for a volunteer to liaison with the other groups.

Yolanda was contacted by John Henson, NASW, indicating that the NASW Pioneers Group wants to set up a website. They had applied for NEH funding, but were denied, thus are looking for scholars to volunteer to work on the website and to provide history submissions. Contact Yolanda for further information.

Essay contest – would like to establish an award to be given to the best essay submitted by BSW, MSW, and Ph.D. students. This would be a cash award along with a plaque and applause. Iris and Yolanda have the criteria written and will send it to the listserv and put on the website. As we would like to begin this at the next APM, submissions and readers are needed.

Peta Ann Baker from West Indies mentioned that the IASSW conference to be held in Santiago, Chile in August is still open for submissions. In 2008 the conference will be held in Durbin, South Africa.

Name School Affiliation E-mail

Linda Schmidt Michigan State University
Megan Morrissey


University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Tanya Brice


University of South Carolina
Robert Daugherty Ohio University  
Sylvia Hawranick Ohio University
Paul Stuart University of Alabama
Barbra Torgusen University of Alabama
Lawrence E. Gary Howard University
Robenia Gary


Bowie State University
Cynthia Edmonds-Cody Michigan State University
Jerry Marx University of New Hampshire
Laura Praglin University of Northern Idaho
Taryn Lindhorst University of Washington
Philip Popple University of North Carolina-Charlotte
Barbara J. Haile Florida A&M University – Tallahassee
Joan Doris Ohio University
Diane Holliman Valdosta State University
Leslie Leighninger Arizona State University
Bob Leighninger Arizona State University
Bob Arnold NASW Foundation 202-336-8333
John E. King University of Arkansas