Business Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2002

Delta Island Boardroom
Opryland Hotel

Yolanda Burwell called the meeting to order. After introductions and welcomes were made, she asked for approval of the 2001 minutes. John Herrick moved and Paul Stuart seconded that the minutes be approved with no corrections. Motion passed. Treasurer Gary Lowe reported we have $3275 in the treasury.

As a part of her President's Report, Yolanda shared dates and times of the six history symposiums currently underway at this APM. She encouraged members to submit abstracts for the 2003 APM in Atlanta. Iris Carlton LaNey was doing a Curriculum Development Workshop on Teaching History.

In an effort to raise the visibility of SWHG beyond CSWE, Yolanda attended the national BPD conference in October in Denver and held a small meeting there. She also introduced SWHG to presenters and participants in history sessions. Membership forms were distributed. As a member of the BPD Archives and History Commission, Yolanda initiated a co-sponsored workshop on preserving institutional memory for the coming conference October.

She had just attended the Librarians Group meeting at this APM to attempt to build a stronger relationship with that group. Members indicated other meetings worth attending and showing a presence would be SSWR, NADD and the Social Work Policy Conference in South Carolina. Discussion centered around CSWE being the traditional base of SWHG. But there was some reflection about it being a historical in focus and attention. Members shared thoughts about (re)connecting with OHA and to co-sponsor sessions with them.

Topics for Discussion and Decision

A. There is a need for a nominating committee to put forward new officers for the organization. Peggy Pittman Munke, Paul Stuart, Megan Morrissey and Bob Daughtery agreed to serve on this committee and get back with a slate of officers.

B. With the able assistance of graduate assistant Donnie Daly, we have produced a recent newsletter. There were very good discussion about production of the bibliography in electronic format given the swift advances in information dissemination. Ruta Wilks was not interested in continuing as editor; Susan Chandler had been contacted and did not want to resume this role. Many felt the bibliography was a valuable service to the membership; it should continue. It would be a way of raising visibility for the organization. Members also thought finding a way to bound all the existing bibliographies in one or two volumes may be a worthwhile idea.

SWHG is in need of an institutional home. A committee was formed to examine the feasibility, costs and needs of doing an "electronic" bibliography. Yolanda, Barbara Simon and Marlene Saunders agree to study this.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

N. Yolanda Burwell

Attendance Roster

Paul Stuart University of Alabama
Taryn Lindhorst University of Washington
John Herrick Michigan State University
Susanne Rolland Morehead State University
Gary Lowe East Carolina University
Susan Kemp University of Washington
Barbara Simon Columbia University
Marlene Saunders Delaware State University
Susan Chandler University of Nevada-Reno
Victoria Van Slyke University of Minnesota
Robert Daugherty University of Louisville
Laura Curran Rutgers University
Leslie Leighninger Arizona State University
Peggy Pittman Munke Texas A&M International University
Laine Scales Baylor University
Phillip Popple University of North Carolina- Charlotte
Ike Bunson Mississippi State University
Patrick Selmi Syracuse University
Tanya Smith Brice University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 
Megan Morrissey University of Minnesota -Twin Cities 
N. Yolanda Burwell East Carolina University