welcome to the school of arts and sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences lies at the heart of the university and is dedicated to providing its students the highest quality liberal education, encouraging their lifelong commitment both to pursuit of critical, analytical, and creative thinking in and between the disciplines, and to meeting responsibly the challenges of life, work, and the democracy. The liberal education gives students access to the broad and deep foundations of existing knowledge in the disciplines comprising the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences. Just as importantly, it offers students the opportunity to participate creatively in the disciplined production of new knowledge, and to recognize the interconnectedness of all branches of learning in the arts and sciences.

Language ClassAll undergraduate students spend a minimum of one fourth of their university careers in carefully chosen arts and sciences courses as they fulfill their university requirements. These courses teach critical thinking and skills needed in life outside the university and lay the foundation that allows a university graduate to become an educated citizen. Most students take further arts and sciences courses outside their major field of study, either required courses related to their major, or simply as electives enabling them to pursue their own particular interests.

Many students develop interests which blossom into lifetime careers by pursuing in-depth study in the arts, the humanities, the social or the natural sciences, all of which are centered in the School of Arts and Sciences. Twenty-two departments, ranging alphabetically from art to theatre, offer majors for the interested student. Prospective secondary school teachers may receive teaching certification by enrolling as a Bachelor of Science major in one of 12 departments offering such certification programs. The school also offers a large variety of minors and special programs for students interested in pursuing a field of study less intensely than through a full major.