Workshops and Training

SchoolShape Tutorials
1. How to set up a class and set assignment
2. More on setting up class, changing password for students and setting assignment
3. For Student - how to log in to complete assignments or tests
4. How to Check and score student assignments, and make comments
5. How to create resources of your own

MySpanishLab Tutorials
1. How to assign tests

iMovie Tutorials
1. How to set up iMovie for Green Screen
2.How to replace the green screen background

3. How to save the project and how to export the finished movie

  1. Sample Technology Lessons
  2. WLL Technology Workshop 1
  3. iClikcer
  4. Online Jeopardy Games 
  5. WLL Technology Workshop 2
  6. VoiceThread


December 17, 2010 - Technology Training for 21st Century Learning Grant