Faculty Committees and Representatives

2013-2014 Faculty Committees and Representatives

The ILS Department has Standing Committees and Select Committees when appropriate. The Standing Committees are:

1.    Department Evaluation Committee (DEC);

2.    Department Curriculum Committee (DCC);

3.    Department Graduate Admissions Committee (DGAC);

4.    Department Scholarship Committee (DSC);

5.    Department Personnel Committee (DPC);

6.    Department Sabbatical Leave Committee (DSLC).

Standing Committees will elect their own chairpersons and keep written minutes, which, except for the DEC, shall be filed in the Department Office within one (1) week of approval unless otherwise stated in this document.  Only tenured faculty may serve on the Department Evaluation Committee, the Department Sabbatical Leave Committee and the Department Personnel Committee. Each Committee shall determine its own schedule after an initial meeting no later than two (2) weeks after the beginning of each semester. 

Select Committees are those created for a specific purpose and membership may beby invitation from or appointment by the Department Chairperson. 

In addition, the Department has representatives to the following School or University committed:

1.    Faculty Senate

2.    Graduate Council

3.    Undergraduate Curriculum Forum (UCF)

4.    School of Education (SOE) Unit Assessment Board (UAB)

Current membership and representatives

Department Evaluation Committee (DEC)

: three (3) tenured members, elected by the Department in the spring semester, with staggered terms of three years. Terms begin the Fall semester following election

Duties: The duties of the DEC are prescribed in the current Promotion, Tenure, Renewal and Professional Assessment Procedures for Faculty (i.e., Collective Bargaining Agreement, Faculty Senate Resolutions.).  The DEC process shall follow all applicable rules and codes. 

2013-2016 term: Arlene Bielefield (per 1/2014 election)

2012-2015 term: Eino Sierpe

2011-2014 term: Elsie Okobi (committee chair)

2012-2013 Hardship DEC: Arlene Bielefield

Department Curriculum Committee (DCC)

: Department faculty who request to be members (minimum of 5).  Membership is for an academic year

Duties: Regular reviews and implementation of curriculum development for each program area of the Department. Provide adjunct faculty with standardized syllabi for their assigned courses.

 Full-time faculty: Arlene Bielefield, Mary Brown (committee chair per 1/2014 election), Yunseon Choi, Yan Quan Liu, Elsie Okobi, Eino Sierpe, Hak Joon Kim 

Part-time Faculty: Stephanie Shteirman

Buley Library Representative: TBA

Graduate Student Representatives: TBA

Undergraduate Student Representative: TBA

Graduate Alumni Representatives: Kay Opalenik

State Library Representative: Kendall F. Wiggin

Department Graduate Admissions Committee (DGAC)

: Three (3) faculty members appointed by the Department Chairperson for one academic year.

Duties: Screening applicants for admission to the graduate programs of the Department, and recommending admissions policy. 

Member 1: Mary Brown (committee chair)

Member 2: Yunseon Choi

Member 3: Yan Quan Liu

Department Scholarship Committee (DSC)

: Three (3) faculty members who volunteer to serve for one academic year.

Duties: Recommending qualified students for scholarships.

Member 1: Yan Quan Liu (committee chair)

Member 2: Elsie Okobi

Member 3: Yunseon Choi (per 1/2014 election)

Department Personnel Committee (DPC)

: Three (3)  faculty members elected to serve three-year staggered terms

Duties: Stated in the Faculty Senate Chairperson's Document. 

2013-2016 term: Arlene Bielefield (committee chair)

2013-2015 term: Yan Quan Liu

2013-2014 term: Elsie Okobi

Department Sabbatical Leave Committee (DSLC)

: Three (3) tenured faculty members elected to serve three-year staggered terms.

Duties: Prescribed in the current Sabbatical Leave Procedures for Faculty (i.e., Collective Bargaining Agreement, Faculty Senate Resolutions). The DSLC process shall follow all applicable rules and codes.

2013-2016 term: Mary Brown (per 1/2014 election)

2013-2015 term: Eino Sierpe

2013-2014 term: Elsie Okobi (committee chair)

Department Retraining Committee (DRC)

: Three (3) tenured faculty members elected to serve three-year staggered terms.

Duties: Prescribed in the current Retraining Procedures for Faculty (i.e., Collective Bargaining Agreement, Faculty Senate Resolutions). The DRC process shall follow all applicable rules and codes.

2013-2016 term: Arlene Bielefield (committee chair)

2013-2015 term: Yan Liu

2013-2014 term: Eino Sierpe

Ad Hoc Committee for Hiring, Assigning, and Managing Student Workers

Membership: Three (3)  faculty members elected to serve for a one-year term.

Duties: Review applications, recommend appointments and assignments to the department chairperson. Monitor performance of each student worker.

2013-2014 term: Arlene Bielefield (committee chair)

2013-2014 term: Yunseon Choi

2013-2014 term: Yan Liu

Faculty Senate Representative

2011-2014 term: Elsie Okobi 

Graduate Council Representatives

2013-2016 term: Arlene Bielefield

2003-2015 term: Yan Quan Liu

Undergraduate Curriculum Forum (UCF) Representative

2012-2014 Representative: Yunseon Choi

Unit Assessment Board (UAB) Representative

2012-2013 Representative: Yan Quan Liu 

School of Education Curriculum Committee

Representative: Yunseon Choi

Global Education Advisory Committee

Representative: Yan Quan Liu

Liaison to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

Representative: Arlene Bielefield

Faculty Liaison to Buley Library

Representative: Yunseon Choi

[Descriptions from Bylaws of the Department of Information and Library Science. Approved unanimously by ILS Faculty on Oct. 11, 2007.]


Last updated: January 8, 2014