Degree Requirements


The mission of the field of public health is to protect and improve the health of communities by assuring, through organized community efforts, living conditions in which people can be healthy and address health problems effectively. The Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree program contributes to this cause by offering a planned program of study that provides prospective and current public health-workers with: 1) a strong, general background in areas of knowledge which are basic to public health; and 2) the opportunity to apply public health knowledge in independent research and in an internship, and 3) the opportunity for specialized study in health promotion. Health promotion focuses on developing the capacity to plan, administer and evaluate health promotion and disease prevention interventions and programs; or 

The M.P.H. is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) through the year 2015. The program consists of a minimum of 48 credits of study, including 27 credits of core course work, 6 credits of culminating course work (independent research), 3 or 6 credits of internship, and 12 credits of specialized study in health promotion.

For course information, check the current Southern Connecticut State University Graduate Catalog  ---  Click here to view the Graduate Catalog

Core Course Requirements (27 credits)
• PCH 500 - Foundations of Public Health
• PCH 510 - Ecological Determinants of Health
• PCH 515 - Biostatistics
• PCH 516 - Public Health Research
• PCH 520 - Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
• PCH 548 - Public Health Administration
• PCH 551 - Epidemiology
• PCH 564 - Health Systems and Policy
• PCH 577 - Program Planning and Evaluation

Culminating Requirements (6 credits)
• PCH 590 - Thesis Seminar I and
• PCH 591 - Thesis Seminar II
• PCH 593 - Special Project I and
• PCH 594 - Special Project II

Internship Requirements (3 or 6 credits, depending on experience)
• PCH 595 - Public Health Internship

Health Promotion Specialization Courses (12 credits)
• PCH 504 - Health Promotion Practice
• PCH 586 - Health Promotion Methods and Strategies
• _______ - Approved Specialization Electives

Credit Requirement for Graduation
Minimum 48 credits

Students must meet University and Department academic standards for graduation and continuation in the program.

An extension of the time to complete degree requirements may be granted if there are compelling or extenuating circumstances. To obtain an extension, a student must petition the graduate program advisor prior to the expiration of the program.

Applications for graduation must be submitted within the time limits established in the Academic Calendar. Graduation is not automatic upon completion of degree requirements. Students who do not apply for graduation will not graduate.