Application Deadline

March 1, 2015

Degree Requirements


The program consists of a minimum of 48 credits of study, including 30 credits of core course work, 6 credits of culminating requirements (independent research),  and 12 credits of specialized study in health promotion.

For course information, check the current Southern Connecticut State University Graduate Catalog  ---  Click here to view the Graduate Catalog

Core Requirements (30 credits)
• PCH 500 - Foundations of Public Health
• PCH 510 - Ecological Determinants of Health
• PCH 515 - Biostatistics
• PCH 516 - Public Health Research
• PCH 520 - Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
• PCH 548 - Public Health Administration
• PCH 551 - Epidemiology
• PCH 564 - Health Systems and Policy
• PCH 577 - Program Planning and Evaluation
• PCH 595 - Public Health Internship (3)

Specialization-Health Promotion (12 credits)
• PCH 504 - Health Promotion Practice
• PCH 586 - Health Promotion Methods and Strategies
•Health Promotion Elective 1
• Health Promotion Elective 2

Culminating Requirements (6 credits)
• PCH 593/594 - Special Projects Seminar I and II (6)
• PCH 590/591 - Thesis Seminar I and II (6)

Credit Requirement for Graduation
Minimum 48 credits

Adequate Progress
Students must achieve a final course grade of C+ or higher in all public health core, specialization and culminating courses used to fulfill the requirements of the MPH degree. Any course with an earned grade of less than C+ must be repeated (during the next time the course is offered). In addition, a student cannot repeat a course in which he/she earned a final grade of less than C+ more than once. Failure to achieve a grade of C+ or higher after repeating the course will result in the student's dismissal from the graduate public-health program.