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Barbara Kagan

Barbara Kagan

Graphic Designer


Office Building 1
6 Wintergreen Avenue, Room 112DC
New Haven, CT 06515

Contact Information:

Phone: (203) 392-5178


A Message from Barbara:

"As graphic designer at Southern I am responsible for creating a wide range of visually appealing and informative print and electronic materials for departments across campus.

I work closely with deans, faculty, and administrators to best address their needs and determine the audience for each piece, while staying true to the university brand. 

I bring a wide variety of experiences to my job. Years of waiting tables, designing newspaper pages, and producing theater posters and collateral in the non-profit world have taught me to juggle and prioritize the many projects crossing my desk each day. I also find that regular lap swimming helps me to clear my mind and find creative solutions. 

My goal, through graphic storytelling, is to capture the spirit, dedication, talent, and commitment to excellence and social justice I see in our students every day."