Whether you’re totally undecided, confidently declared or somewhere in between, it’s best to explore your options before fully committing to a major. Students who make the effort to explore are more likely to choose a major that aligns with their interests and are ultimately more successful!

A collage of students in different academic settings

The Exploratory Program is designed to provide students with the time to explore major options while working on their general education coursework (the Liberal Education Program). All Exploratory students will have an assigned academic advisor who will guide them through their major exploration journey while helping them choose courses that keep them on track for timely graduation.

Exploratory students must select an area of interest. This allows them to narrow their focus down to a particular group of common majors that match their interests, such as Business or Social Sciences. Students will have an assigned academic advisor within their area of interest who will provide specialized advising for their area. If a student is not ready to choose an area of interest and would like to be completely exploratory, they can choose the “Still Deciding” area of interest.

Note: Choosing an area of interest does not mean that a student is declared or guaranteed admission into that major. It means that they are Exploratory and have selected a specific area of interest to explore before declaring a major.