Army ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country. Make it part of your college curriculum. You’ll be investing in a lifetime of career success.

Army ROTC instruction provides leadership training that enables students to excel in any career field in the military, government, or the private sector. Students learn firsthand what it takes to lead others, motivate, and conduct missions as officers in the U.S. Army.

Full-time undergraduate students from Southern are eligible to enroll in the University of New Haven Army ROTC Program. Students share the same program benefits that University of New Haven student-cadets enjoy – military science classes, physical fitness training, leadership labs, and many other activities.

Check out the University of New Haven Army ROTC website for scholarship opportunities, contact information, and more.

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Cadet Paul Duncanson, Finance, ‘24

Collage of Cadet Paul Duncanson


When I was a young my baby-sitter was an ROTC Cadet in the same company I am in today. I remember he invited me to a field training and the Cadets took me into a helicopter which is an eight-year-olds dream. Ten years later I walked on to the same company as a freshman. I show up to ROTC every day because I am a positive person, I believe I will make a difference for the better in the lives of those I’m around throughout my career. I love the lifestyle of the military, I want to use my body to its full physical extent while I’m young, and I really enjoy working in team settings where everyone is committed to success. 

What My ROTC Experience Is

I joined fall 2020 as a freshman, since then I’ve flown in helicopters, repelled off a 60-foot cliff, completed foreign military badge qualifications, worked with a special forces group across the country. these proud moments of mine pale in comparison to the personal development I have had in ROTC. ROTC offers a structured opportunity for personal development guided by peers and mentors. I will not remember ROTC for the glamorous army moments but rather the lessons learned and the people I worked with.

Advice for a First-Year Cadet

My advice to interested people would just be to give ROTC a try, there is no service obligation if you show up. You will gain experiences and friendships throughout your time, and perhaps you will find your career.