Public Administration, M.P.A .- General

A successful career in public administration hinges on the ability to understand how issues and opportunities affect a diversity of populations. Southern’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares students who want to create positive change in their communities to become effective leaders in government, public service, and nonprofit organizations. It also prepares students for career advancement in all levels of government or local and global service organizations.

Through the MPA program, students master the personal and professional side of public administration with courses and assignments that illustrate how to respond to ethical issues, foster constructive collaboration, harness information technology, and more. Students gain practical experience in honing their presentation skills; developing strategic plans and financial reports; and analyzing data to make better decisions.

Unlike other career paths that present linear growth potential, public administration professionals chart their own course, designing a future that meets their professional goals as well as their desire to make a difference. Students pursuing a general MPA chart their own path by choosing between a wide variety of electives.