We're all part of the political process. Every voter, every future voter, every taxpayer, and every citizen. We live with the laws, and sometimes complain about the government. And some of us will even step up to the challenge of a free society by working to change laws or make new ones.

Political science classroom

You don't have to be "in politics" to be affected by politics. Health care, the environment, free speech, human rights -- all of these are political issues that can be deeply and profoundly personal.

Southern's political science majors immerse themselves in the study of government, public policy, and political culture. Along the way they sharpen their skills in writing, communication, and complex analysis. Many work side-by-side with legislators and policy-makers as interns at the state legislature in Hartford, in the U.S. Congress in Washington, or at prestigious public policy agencies or worldwide organizations like Amnesty International.

The programs in political science offer the student an understanding of the basic issues in government and politics from the local to the global level, as well as an acquaintance with the methods by which we study the subject. A political science major is excellent preparation for students interested in public administration, law, business, public relations, and journalism. The study of political science may also be of value to many students interested in informed participation in the public life of their society.