Center for Educational and Assistive Technology

The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology (CEAT) promotes the benefits of Universal Design for Learning by providing technology and support to all members of the Southern community, as well as to the community at large.  Recognizing the fact that not all students learn the same way, the Center provides multiple approaches to learning and expression through a variety of technology solutions.

The CEAT staff evaluates students' computer access needs, trains them to use adaptive technology, and provides a supportive, accessible working environment for students with disabilities.

The Center is equipped with 10 PCs and 2 iMacs. All of our computers feature state-of-the-art adaptive technology software. iPads, LiveScribe Echo smart pens, magnifiers, and laptops are also available for use or loan to registered Southern students.


Access to Hardware and Software

Types of hardware: alternate input, blind/low-vision hardware, portable note takers, and for reading support.

Types of software: blind/low-vision software, onscreen keyboards and mouse alternatives, oragnizing software, reading support, typing instruction, voice activated software, and writing support.

Computer access assessment

The Center provides assistive technology evaluations to Connecticut school districts. The assistive technology evaluations are performed on a fee-for-service basis and are performed by the Center's staff at Southern Connecticut State University.

Training in Assistive Technology

CEAT provides in-service training for school and other service providers in various adaptive technology programs.

Book Scanning

The center uses a Publisher PDF file (if available) or a high-speed scanner to convert textbooks and other print material to computer files. People with visual or learning disabilities can then open the files in a program that reads text aloud (i.e. Read&Write for Google Chrome).

Loan Program

The Loan Program at the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology runs the outreach and service of Assistive Technology Demonstrations and Device Loans for the Connecticut Tech Act Project. The Loan Program is a grant-funded program that serves two communities with different adaptive technology needs: teachers of technology and special education in Connecticut's school districts who would like to asses student needs and opportunities for assistive technology to be used in schools and SCSU students registered with the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services.

The Loan Program offers laptops or iPads with assistive technology software. With each loan, the Loan Program provides instructional support at our facility on the SCSU campus, as well as technical support for all computer hardware and software provided. Laptops can be loaned out to CASAS registered students and to representatives from Connecticut's public school districts. 

Available software for use on loaned computers:

  • Clicker 7
  • Inspiration
  • Solo
  • Word Q/ Speak Q
  • ZoomText
  • JAWS 

Services for the Community

The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology is an authorized fee-for-service provider for clients from the community at large. The following services are offered to the community.

  • Computer access assessment
  • Training in assistive technology
  • Book scanning
  • Loan program


The Center for Adaptive Technology is open to all Southern students however, some services are restricted to students registered with the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services. Students with disabilities fill out a brief intake form at the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology and participate in an evaluation to determine assistive technology needs.