Gender-Inclusive Housing

What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender Inclusive Housing:

  1. is defined as a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple-occupancy apartment or room, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ assigned sex or gender identity
  2. provides comfortable accommodations for students in the process of discovering their gender identity; for those who do not wish to identify themselves by gender; for transgender and non-binary students; and for students who feel more comfortable with a roommate of a different gender
  3. provides students the option to reside with another person of a different gender or assigned sex in order to provide a welcoming living environment.

How do I apply?

  • Students interested in Gender Inclusive Housing can select this option through their standard housing application.
  • Students are not required to explain or reveal their reason(s) for choosing to live in gender?inclusive housing.
  • All students opting into Gender Inclusive Housing must follow all housing policies, procedures, and deadlines and complete an agreement indicating their understanding of the terms and conditions of this housing option.
  • Please note:
    • SCSU discourages students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in a residence hall.
    • This option is intended for students whom want to live with a roommate regardless of assigned sex or gender identity.

Who is GIH intended for?
This living option is intended for students whom do not wish to identify themselves by gender, are transgender or non-binary, are in the process of exploring their gender expression or identity, or anyone who feels more comfortable with a roommate of a different gender or assigned sex.

What halls are included in GIH?
Southern offers many options for students who opt-into GIH.

  • Neff Hall offers a Gender Inclusive Housing community comprised of one floor where all students living on that floor have opted into GIH.
  • Students in GIH may also choose to indicate another hall preference. Selection/placement is based on hall/room availability and their credit status.
  • The following halls have reserved Gender Inclusive Housing options:
    • Neff (GIH community)
    • Brownell
    • West Campus
    • Schwartz
    • North Campus Residence Complex

What is the GIH community?
The Gender Inclusive Housing community is located in Neff Hall and provides students opting into GIH a chance to connect with their peers and engage in a more lively community. This can help residents feel a sense of belonging to both their hall and the campus, get connected to important resources at Southern, and learn and thrive in a safe environment.
Programming and events may include social events focused on building and uplifting the transgender and non-binary community; involving residents in gender-based discussions; and collaborating with the university’s Sexuality and Gender Equality Center.

How does the roommate selection work in GIH?
All students opting into GIH will participate in the room selection process and will be able to match with their own roommate through their MyHousing portal. All students selecting each other as roommates must opt into GIH.
Students can also opt into GIH and be assigned a roommate who has also opted in; in this option, students are matched with another student based on credits, age, class standing, and hall preferences.

What are the bathroom options?
Every hall at Southern offers all-gender restrooms on the first floor of each building. Students in GIH will also have access to either a private or shared all-gender restroom that offers shower facilities.
Southern also has several all-gender restrooms across the entire campus. You can access the map of these restrooms through the Sexuality and Gender Equality Center (SAGE Center).

Is the housing application process confidential?
Yes. Students will not be required to reveal the reason(s) they choose to live in GIH or share other information with the university.