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Jan Pikul

Part-time Faculty, Chemistry Laboratories


Jan Pikul

About Me

I am an adjunct professor in the Chemistry Department at Southern Connecticut State University teaching General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Laboratories. I have been teaching at Southern since 1997 and I am a graduate of the chemistry program. My main profession is science education, from high school to college level course work. In addition to teaching, I am also the head rugby coach for Yale University's men's rugby team. 

Contact Me

(203) 392-6268 
Fax: (203) 392-6396


6th Year, Science Education, SCSU
M.S., Biochemistry, Colorado State University
B.S., Chemistry SCSU   


Adjunct Professor University of Connecticut (since 2006)
High School Chemistry Teacher (since 1998)

Professional Interests

My professional interests involve science education and environmental concerns in Long Island Sound.


CHE 120 General Chemistry I laboratory
CHE 121 General Chemistry II laboratory
CHE 125 Principles of General, Organic, and Biochemistry laboratory
CHE 260 Organic Chemistry I laboratory
CHE 261 Organic Chemistry II laboratory