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Dr. Byron Nakamura

Associate Professor of History


 Image of Dr. Byron Nakamura

Office: EN  C215E
Phone: 203-392-7039


PhD, University of Washington, 1999
MA, University of Washington, 1991
BA, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1990 (Summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa)

Works in Progress

Article, "Diocletianus Divus: A Curious Case of Imperial Consecration" Vigiliae Christianae

Article, "Giant and Pharoah: Diocletian's Image in the Works of Eusebius'" ed. J. Stpehens (Ashgate Press).

Selected Publications

Book Chapter, "Boxing in the Ancient World," in The Cambridge Companion to Boxing, ed. G. Early (Cambridge University Press) Forthcoming

Article, "The Sack of Roman Athens: Civil Resistance and Irregular Warfare during the Third Century CE," Ancient World 44 (2013) 99-108.

Encyclopedia entries, "Agamemnon" and "Marcus Licinius Crassus" Great Lives from History: The Incredibly Wealthy ed. H. Bromberg (January 2011).

Encyclopedia entries, "Valentinian" "Valentinian II" "Valentinian II" "Valens" "Honorius" and "Arcadius" in The Encyclopedia of Ancient History eds. Roger Bagnall, Kai Brondersen, Craig Champion, Andrew Erskine, et al. (Wiley-Blackwell:

Oxford, November 2011).

Article, "Julian's Gamble in the Desert," Military History Quarterly 23 (2010): 72-79.

Article, "Queen Zenobia" in Great Lives from History ed. Saloway (Salem Press, 2004) 986-9.

Article, "When Did Diocletian Die? New Evidence for an Old Problem," Classical Philology 98 (2003) 283-9.

Encyclopedia entires, "Constantine the Great," "Maximian" "gallienus," and "Valerian" in The Encyclopedia of the Ancient World 3 vols. ed. T.J. Sienkewicz (Salem Press: Pasadena, 2001).

Article, "From Turtles to Tortoises: Some Remarks on the Coinage of Aegina" in Musings in Ancient History, ed. C. Thomas (American University: Claremont 1994) 47-50.

Article, "Palmyra and the Roman East," Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 34 (1993) 133-50.

Teaching and Research Interests

Roman and Greek History; Early Christianity and Ancient Religion; Early Medieval and Byzantine History


HIS 100: Western Civilization
HIS 200: Historical Materials and Methods
HIS 221: Ancient Greece and Rome
HIS 298: Ancient Military History
HIS 316: History of Ancient Greece
HIS 317: History of Rome from its Origins to Caesar
HIS 376: Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age
HIS 398: Special Topics: Late Antiquity
HIS 398: Special Topics: Late Roman Empire
HIS 398: Special Topics: Greco-Roman Religions
HIS 485: Senior Seminar: The Ancient City
HIS 499: Independent Study
HIS 588: Graduate Seminar in Ancient History