Dr. Siobhan Carter-David



Office:  EN C209C
Phone: 203-392-5858
email: carterdavis1@southernct.edu



PhD, Indiana University, 2011
MA, City College/CUNY, 2004
BA, Morgan State University, 2001




“Issuing the Black Wardrobe: Fashion and Anti-Fashion in Post-Soul Publications” (book in progress)

“Traveling Bag: Cultural Tourism and African American Magazines in the ‘70s and ‘80s” (chapter in progress with Cornell University Africana Studies and Research Center’s book project Gender, Race, and Representation in Magazines and New Media)

“A Fantasy in Fashion: Luxury Dressing and African American Lifestyle Magazines in the 1980s” in Race and Retail: Consumption Across the Color Line, Rutgers University Press, 2015 

“‘To Mirror the Happier Side of Negro Life’: Ebony and Jet in Black Cultural and Print History,” in Speaking of People: Ebony, Jet and Contemporary Art Exhibition Catalog, Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, 2014 

Review of Comrades: A Local History of the Black Panther Party, by Judson L. Jefferies, Indiana Magazine of History, September 2011. 

"Black Power" and "Hip-Hop," Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World, New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. 

"A Holistic Approach to History Education: The 2008 OAH Annual Meeting," OAH Newsletter, Volume 36, Number 2, May 2008. 

"Learning from Teaching Experiences," OAH Newsletter, Volume 35, Number 3, August 2007. 

"History Education in Our Centennial Year," OAH Newsletter 35, Number 1, February 2007. 



African American and African Diaspora History, Fashion/Beauty Culture, Hip-Hop, History in Public, Media Studies, Urban History



HIS 111: United States History II
HIS 200: Historical Methods and Materials
HIS 256: The City in U.S. History (Blacks and The City: The African American Urban Experience)
HIS 349: Dress in Recent U.S. History:  The Life and Times of Ten Iconic Fashions
HIS 357: Recent American History
HIS 398: Identity and Dress in United States History
HIS 546: History and Culture of the African Diaspora