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Dr. Steve Amerman



 Office:  EN C215D
Phone: 203-392-5603


PhD, Arizona State University, 2002
MA, Utah State University, 1996
BA, Duke University, 1992 


Book, Urban Indians in Phoenix Schools, 1940-2000 (University of Nebraska Press, 2010).

Textbook, Co-Editor: Major Problems in American Indian History (3rd edition, Cengage Learning, 2014).   

Article, "'I Should Not be Wearing a Pilgrim Hat': Making an Indian Place in Urban Schools, 1945-1975" American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 31 no. 1 (2007): 39-62.

Article, "'Let's Get in and Fight!': American Indian Political Activism in Urban Public School System, 1973" American Indian Quarterly 27. (Summer?Fall 2003): 607-638.

Article, "'This is Our Land': The White Mountain Apache Trophy Elk Hunt and Tribal Sovereignty" Journal of Arizona History 43 (Summer 2002): 133-152.

Book Reviews in Journal of American History, Ethnohistory, Western Historical Quarterly, Indigenous Nations Journal, Journal of American Ethnic History, Journal of the West, and Connecticut History.


History of American Indians in Connecticut and southern New England in the 20th Century.


HIS 110: American History to 1877
HIS 111: American History since 1877
HIS 150: Critical Thinking Through Historical Biography
HIS 200: Historical Methods and Materials
HIS 257: American Indian History, to 1850 (usually offered every Fall)
HIS 258: American Indian History, since 1850 (usually offered every Spring)
HIS 358: American Frontiers
HIS 359: American Environmental History
HIS 485: Seminar in History
HIS 515: The American Overland Trail Experience, 1840-1860 
HIS 558: The Trans-Mississippi West
HIS 569: American Indian History