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John Jacobs



Ph.D., City University of New York


Phone: (203) 392-6273

Research Interests:

Social mobility in early adulthood and reverse occupational mobility at mid-life. 

The experience of poverty and/ or loss in childhood as a predictor of health, psychopathology and personality in adult life.

 The “natural” narrative, as well as film, literature and visual qualitative analysis.

Research Projects:

The “fateful” event in narratives of men and women at 50.

Is the father’s socio-economic status the strongest predictor of health and adjustment for “working class ” men at 50?

What accounts for reverse social mobility at mid-life?

Do these three films by Pedro Almodovar (Live Flesh, Talk to Her, The Skin I Live in) and these two films by Maurice Pialet (Lulu, A Nos Amours) show more about love than you can bear watching?  

Selected Publications:

Jacobs, J. & Kunicki, Z. (under review) Love in the life history narratives of adults at 50 and factors that predict disclosure. Journal of Language and Social Psychology.

Jacobs, J. (2012) Salomon Rettig: Social Epistemology and Psychology. In R.W. Rieber (Ed.), Encyclopedia of the History of Psychological Theories, 948-951. Springer New York.

Jacobs, J. & Bovasso, G.(2009) Re-examining the long-term effects of experiencing parental death in childhood on adult psychopathology. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 197:24-27.

Jacobs, J. & Bovasso, G. (2000) Early and chronic stress and their relation to breast cancer. Psychological Medicine. 30, 669-678.

Recent Conference Presentations:

Jacobs, J. & Kunicki, Z (2016, May) Beloved possessions and their relations to gender, life events and well-being. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the British Psychological Society, Nottingham, England.

Jacobs, J. (2014, November) Textual analysis and the life history narratives of adults at 50. Paper Presented at the Aging, Body and Society meeting of the British Sociological Association. London, England.

Kunicki, Z. J., Jacobs, J.&Sabol-Low, E. (2014, May). Health behaviors at 50: predictors of smoking, hazardous drinking, and exercise in men and women. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York. NY.

Kunicki, Z. J., Jacobs, J. & Sabol-Low, E. (2014, May). Exploring perceptions of weight at turning 50. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, New York. NY.