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Kristine Anthis



Ph.D.: University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE


Phone: 203-392-5110

Analyst-in-Training, C.G. Jung Institute of New York
Fellow, Ziegler Center at Yale University

Teaching Interests:
Development & Personality

Research Interests: 
Personality Development
Teaching Awards:
CSU Trustees' Teaching Award for SCSU
SCSU Technology Teacher of the Year

Recent Publications:

Anthis, K. (2016). Temenos: An online personality development on film course.Quadrant: Journal of the C. G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology:

Anthis, K. (2014). Hope, will, purpose, competence, and fidelity: Ego-strengths as predictors of career identity. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 14(2), 153-162. doi:10.1080/15283488.2014.892001

Anthis, K. & Adams, L. (2012). Scaffolding: The relationship between prelecture online quizzes
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