Lawrence Brancazio




Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (1998)


Phone: (203) 392-5111

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Research Interests:

Cognitive psychology, psychology of language, speech perception and spoken word recognition, reading skill, attention, working memory

Courses Taught:

PSY 259: Statistics in Psychology
PSY 303: Perception
PSY 313: Cognition

Current/Recent Research Projects:

In my research, I study how people use both hearing and vision to identify spoken words – that is, how visible mouth movements contribute to speech comprehension.

Some ongoing projects:

Much of my research is conducted in collaboration with researchers at Haskins Laboratories, a non-profit research laboratory in downtown New Haven that is dedicated to the study of speech and reading and reading disabilities. My research is partially supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health to Haskins Laboratories, and has also been supported by CSU research grants.

Recent Publications:

Recent Conference Presentations:

Research Internship:

Every semester, students can register for Psy 197 (Research Internship) for up to three credits. Psych 197 is a great opportunity to gain first-hand experience in how cognitive psychology research is conducted. Students enrolled in Psych 197 are responsible for running participants in experiments, and get involved in various aspects of the research process, such as organizing data and files, scheduling and cataloging participants, and helping with data analysis.

If you are interested in enrolling in Psych 197, please email me during the registration period or during the add/drop period.

Independent Study/ Undergraduate Honors Thesis / Master's Thesis:

If you have an idea for an experiment that you would like to conduct that involves language (or related topics in cognitive psychology), please come see me so we can discuss how to set up an independent study project. 

Off-Campus Research Internships and Other Research Opportunities:

Haskins Laboratories has many ongoing projects involving several aspects of speech perception, speech production, and reading, including skilled reading, reading acquisition, and reading disability. Some projects involve research using brain-imaging techniques such as fMRI. There are sometimes opportunities for psychology majors to do an internship working with research teams at Haskins, by registering for Psych 463 (Field Practicum in Psychological Research).