Patricia Kahlbaugh


Associate Professor

Ph.D., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


Phone: (203) 392-6891

Teaching Interests:

Developmental Psychology, History and Systems of Psychology, and Experimental Psychology.

Research Interests:

Nonverbal communication, promoting successful aging, identity development, emotional development, metacognition, and history and systems of psychology.

Representative Publications:

Kahlbaugh, P. E. (1994).  Nonverbal communication between parents and adolescents:  A study of affiliative and distancing behaviors.  Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 18, 91-113.

Kramer, D. A., & Kahlbaugh, P. E. (1994).  Memory for a dialectical and a non-dialectical prose passage in young and older adults.  Journal of Adult Development, 1, 13-26.

Kahlbaugh, P.E., & Kramer, D. A. (1995).  Brief report:  Relativism and identity crisis in young adulthood.  Journal of Adult Development, 2, 63-70.

Lefkowitz, E., Kahlbaugh, P., & Sigman, M. (1996).  Turn-taking in mother-adolescent conversations about sexuality and conflict.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 25, 307-321.

Kahlbaugh, P. E., Lefkowitz, E.,Valdez, P., & Sigman, M. (1997).  The affective nature of mother-adolescent communication concerning sexuality and conflict.  Journal for Research on adolescence, 7, 221-239.

Lefkowitz, E., Kahlbaugh, P.E., Au, T., & Sigman, M. (1998).  A longitudinal study of AIDS conversations between mothers and adolescents.  AIDS Education and Prevention, 10, 351-365.

Haviland, J. M., & Kahlbaugh, P. E. (2000).  Emotion and identity.  In M. Lewis and J. M. Haviland (Eds.), Handbook of Emotion (2nd edition) (pp. 293-305). New York: Guilford.

Internships Available:

Wii study
Successful aging in the elderly