Departmental Career Overview

The Department of Anthropology inspires Southern students to explore the human condition by thinking critically about human origins, evolution, culture and diversity. The department prepares students to be productive citizens, capable of enhancing the quality of life in Connecticut and the United States and around the world. Through curriculum, internship, and other experiential opportunities, anthropology students develop skills that are marketable, applicable to a wide range of careers, and can change lives for the better.

General Career Assistance

SCSU students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with department faculty to receive career assistance through academic advising sessions, academic coursework, internship and research experience, the Anthropology Club, and departmental events throughout the year. These opportunities are advertised via email. Additionally, the Office of Career and Professional Development is available to provide various levels of focused career assistance. Students should visit the Office of Career and Professional Development throughout their tenure at SCSU.

Internship and Experiential Learning Opportunities  

Students gain and apply anthropological insight through a variety of ways within the greater New Haven area and around the world. A sample of student opportunities include the following:

  • Service learning – SCSU students have the opportunity to apply anthropological thinking while serving the Greater New Haven community.
  • Internships – SCSU students directly obtain knowledge, skills and competency acquisition in a variety of professional, industry, and non-profit companies and organizations.
  • Independent Study – SCSU students have the opportunity to develop new knowledge and scholarly inquiries within a topical area of their choice under the guidance and supervision of faculty members.
  • Student Research – SCSU students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with current faculty within their areas of expertise. Students have the opportunities to learn and apply skills within areas such as biological anthropology, archaeology, and ethnographic research.

Success Stories of Recent Graduates

Graduates of the Department of Anthropology have the opportunity to work full-time or attend graduate school after graduation. Sample graduates have transitioned to the following roles:

  • Educational coordinator – The Institute for American Indian Studies
  • Founder – Two Coyotes Wilderness School
  • Ph.D. candidate – Yale University, Drexel University, Ohio State University
  • Magnet schools outreach administrator – New Haven Public Schools
  • Claims administrator – Pfizer