If you want to help shape the future and make an immediate impact on the world, come earn your teacher certification at Southern. The Curriculum and Learning Department offers certification programs in elementary education, and cross endorsement. Qualified teachers can customize a pathway in our sixth year program for classroom teacher specialists or interdisciplinary sixth year educational coach program.

Teacher and students


We've built programs especially to serve educators looking to grow without being bogged down by administrative duties, and we've created endless possibilities for teachers to continue to grow. For instance, our 6th year classroom specialist certificate program empowers teachers through personalized learning and choice.

Undergraduate Program

Our department offers eight degree programs leading to the Connecticut Initial Educators Certificate:

  • Early Childhood, PreK-Grade 3
  • Elementary, Grade 1-Grade 6
  • Elementary and Special Education
  • Bilingual Elementary Education
  • Biology 7-12
  • Chemistry 7-12
  • Earth Science 7-12
  • Physics 7-12

Our undergraduates often spearhead research projects as members of the Honors College.

Graduate Program

For practicing teachers, we offer master of science degrees and 6th year certificates:

  • Post-Baccalaurate Certification in Elementary Education
  • Post-Baccalaurate Certification in Integrated Early Childhood
  • Post-Baccalaurate in Bilingual Elementary Education
  • Post-Baccalaurate in Biology Education 7-12
  • Post-Baccalaurate in Physics Education 7-12
  • Post-Baccalaurate in Chemistry Education 7-12
  • Post-Baccalaurate in Earth Science Education 7-12
  • Master of Science in Education
  • 6th Year Classroom Specialist

Take charge of your professional development by designing a program to fit your long-term goals.