In a changing news media landscape, this much remains true: People still want to know what is going on in the world and local community around them. The basic skills of reporting and writing remain unchanged. What has changed are the expectations for journalists and the methods of delivery to readers and viewers.

Student reporter

Southern's Journalism Department is geared toward providing you with a full range of the knowledge, tools, and skills you'll need to be successful in the field That includes writing for web and social audiences, capturing videos and photos, and editing multimedia stories. With a strong focus on emerging tools, the Journalism Department boasts a Drone Applications minor, which prepares students for jobs in aerial photography and videography.

In the Journalism Department, you'll take courses that introduce you to the various tools and skills needed to work in new media, broadcast, and photography. You'll also learn about the First Amendment and the fundamentals of writing in the world of media.

We offer degrees that provide the liberal arts background necessary for careers in news media and allied fields, such as business and public service, and for law school or other related graduate programs. You'll receive an education using up-to-date technological software and equipment, and you'll be encouraged to participate in any of the many student media organizations offered on campus, including the student newspaper (Southern News), magazine (Crescent magazine), student creative magazine (Folio), television station (SCSU TV) and radio station (WSIN Radio).

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Southern Connecticut State University Journalism Department to educate students practically and theoretically to be the future’s journalists and journalism scholars. And to offer students a broad, liberal education combined with the word skills, technical skills and news judgment needed to compete in an ever changing and challenging professional news environment. Using real-life situations garnered from years of experience in the field and classroom knowledge faculty provide students with an experiential learning environment putting critical thinking, ethical practices, First Amendment principles into practice through writing, editing, photographing, recording and designing for journalism and related fields.

Department News

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