Learning Outcomes

The Department of Marketing expects the following competencies to be the learning outcomes for students pursuing a concentration in marketing in the BSBA program. These competencies (learning outcomes) are based upon Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Assurance of Learning Outcomes  (AOL).

  1. Problem-Solving Skills Competency: Students will demonstrate competence in approaching a variety of marketing problems from a structured, disciplined approach, using both quantitative and qualitative methods and while deploying business productivity software, such as SPSS and the Microsoft Office Suite.
  2. Communication Competency: Students will demonstrate communication competence through their ability to create professional-quality business documents and presentations.
  3. Reflective Thinking Competency:  Students will demonstrate reflective thinking competency by applying the theoretical foundations of the marketing discipline to marketing problems commonly encountered in marketing practice.  Students will utilized their critical-thinking skills to evaluate marketing issues assess business intelligence in order to develop solutions to marketing management problems. Sound inductive and deductive reasoning will be required.
  4. Ethical Practice Competency:  Students will demonstrate ethical practice competency by addressing appropriately ethical concerns in their class projects (group and individual) and through their knowledge of ethics, as gained through class readings and discussions.
  5. Global Perspective Competency: Students will demonstrate awareness of global issues in marketing through their examinations and their performance in a required global marketing course.