The Southern MBA:  Relevance, Value, Flexibility.

You’re taking the next step in your career.  Make it count.  Make it The Southern MBA.


Learn from the best.  All members of the graduate faculty, including adjuncts, hold doctoral degrees in their respective expertise.  While pursuing your Southern MBA, you’ll continually gain knowledge that you can apply immediately in your current position, well in advance of the day you receive your diploma. 

The Southern MBA: VALUE

Your education is a major investment in your future.  And, as a businessperson, you seek maximum return on your investment.  We believe Southern Connecticut State University offers the very best value for your MBA dollar – you can spend far more elsewhere, but will you get more?   


At Southern, we get it.  Getting your MBA is a big step, but it’s not the only step in your life.  Education.  Career.  Family.  Interests.  They form the mosaic of your life.  That’s why we offer both the Traditional Southern MBA and the Accelerated Southern MBA.  Which makes the most sense for you?  YOU decide…

The Traditional Southern MBA

The Traditional Southern MBA comprises 39 to 51 credits, depending on your undergraduate degree.  Guidelines apply, but almost any of the eight first-year courses can be waived, again, depending upon your undergraduate degree. 

The Traditional Southern MBA can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis, thus offering the flexibility many full-time professionals find desirable. In further consideration of your career, all courses are offered in the evening or on Saturdays.

The Accelerated Southern MBA

The Accelerated Southern MBA offers a hybrid, full-time, 18-month program.  Candidates seeking a certain specialization can integrate specialization courses and still complete the program in 18 months. Courses are in the hybrid format, part online and part in the classroom on Saturdays.

There are nine sessions, each lasting eight weeks with a one-week break in between sessions.  Classes are normally held on Saturdays to accommodate the demands of a full-time professional’s career, offering the candidate the flexibility to pursue their MBA with minimal disruption.  Candidates participate in a “Cohort” format, which means you start and finish the program with the same group of MBA candidates.