Study Abroad

It is the vision of SCSU Nursing Department that undergraduate and graduate nursing students will have the opportunity  to participate in experiential learning  in areas such as global health, providing care to underserved populations, and learning about differing healthcare systems within the United States and abroad. 

Our mission is to prepare nursing graduates to practice, educate, and lead within an evolving, complex world. Additionally, Southern, as a university, strives to empower every undergraduate and graduate student with the knowledge, skills and perspectives essential for active participation and impassioned, ethical leadership in our rapidly changing, global society. These global opportunities will advance the mission of the department and university by enhancing student learning with opportunities to examine various healthcare environments and develop leadership skills in providing culturally congruent care.   

The experiential learning outside of the traditional clinical and classroom environments will encompass work, such as providing care in clinics with underserved populations in impoverished areas both within the U.S. and in countries through the world; visiting and examining varying healthcare systems, engaging in exchange learning with foreign nursing education systems; expanding their perspectives of a global society, and developing cultural congruent care that can be applied to practice in the U.S. and abroad.