Department of Political Science Programs

A Political Science major is excellent preparation for students interested in public administration, law, business, public relations, and journalism. At Southern, political science majors immerse themselves in the study of government, public policy, and political culture. Along the way they sharpen their skills in writing, communication, and complex analysis. Many work side-by-side with legislators and policy-makers as interns at the state legislature in Hartford, in the U.S. Congress in Washington, or at prestigious public policy agencies or worldwide organizations like Amnesty International.

The BA program provides students broad exposure to the discipline of political science. Students must take courses in all 4 major sub-fields of the discipline: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory. The breadth of the major is good preparation for students interested in graduate programs in the discipline. It also prepares students for careers in government and politics as well as those requiring a grounding in liberal arts.

The BS program in Political Science is designed to combine traditional instruction in the discipline with a strong emphasis upon the more applied, practical or quantified approaches to the study of politics at all levels: local, national, and international. Accordingly, in addition to regular course work the program requires the successful completion of an internship (PSC 497), and to take a course in quantitative analysis (PSC 367).

This program provides students the training needed to teach the social sciences and history to students in 7th to 12th grades. Students will complete 30 credits in Political Science and 18 credits in history.

The minor in Political Science is ideal for someone who wants to improve their ability to deal with the institutions and actors of government. This minor also dovetails with any major that may require a student to interface with politics. Our minor provides the flexibility needed for each student to focus on the areas or issues that best fits their academic, intellectual and career needs.

Urban Affairs can be especially insightful for nonprofit and public sector careers from think tanks to municipal halls. Students are able to learn about more about urban concerns economically and politically. Minoring in Urban Affairs allows you to gain more knowledge in community issues, local politics and social problems. Students complete courses in political science, economics, history, sociology, environmental studies and geography.

The MS in Political Science offers a variety of courses and options for students seeking masters level training in the discipline. We prepare students to use their understanding of political science in applied settings, although some students use their training as a precursor to further graduate studies. The program attracts students from government, education and non-profit organizations.

Our faculty provides students with a sound working knowledge of the discipline by examining various theoretical and practical approaches to the study of politics. Students are required to complete a methods course. However, the degree affords students the flexibility to tailor the program to meet their educational, and career needs. Students are also encouraged to do research, complete a work experience through our internship program or develop a special project related to their interest in the discipline. All students complete a capstone for the masters - this may be a thesis, special project or comprehensive exam dealing with their curriculum.